New ice cream excites firm


THE Paradise Company Ltd will be launching a new ice cream called the Sepik Vanilla ice cream.
Chief executive officer James Rice, pictured, wants to replace all imported items with local produce.
He told The National yesterday that the food and beverage company had agreed with East Sepik Governor Allan Bird and the provincial government to launch the Sepik Vanilla ice cream.
“I am working on a project to take all imported items our company uses and replace them with locally sourced products,” he said.
“We have already replaced imported vanilla with Sepik vanilla and I want to replace imported palm oil with palm oil from Sepik or West New Britain.
“We are in discussion with the new palm oil producer in Sepik.
“We are the largest buyer of palm oil in the country since our brand Highland Meadows is the number one selling brand in PNG.”
He said the use of the Sepik name would be licenced by the East Sepik government.
“This new vanilla ice cream will be co-branded Sepik and Gala, and the packaging will feature unique Sepik artistic designs.
“It will be the first such product in the country, so I am very excited to see the reaction of local consumers.”
He said Paradise Foods Ltd wanted to be the leading food and beverage company in the country by making products that could be trusted, affordable and nutritious.
It also aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and a profitable growing business for its shareholders.


  • Thanks to the governor of East sepik Honourable Allan Bird for setting a milestone for the people of East sepik and the country as a whole
    Your initiative and outstanding leadership is greatly appreciated by the people of East sepiks
    The people of East sepik are with you…

  • Congratulations Mr. Rice. I am a proud employee of Paradise Foods Company Limited and also from East Sepik. This is going to be exciting to see the new ice cream on the market.

  • Wow, that’s so exciting for all the Sepiks. I am SO proud for my province and what the Governor Allan Bird is doing.. Congratulations ESP 🙂

  • Wow this is truly a milestone for PNG. If all manufacturing companies in PNG turn their supply chain over to the local farmers both in agriculture and tend the land, i mean look where PNG will be in the next 10yrs.

    #TAKINGPNGBACK# means not only from foreign impediments but also from actually looking into what PNG has to offer to both local & international market.

    Congratulations to Paradise Foods Ltd to take the lead into utilizing PNG products for mass consumption but providing job opportunities for local farmers and professional individuals thus generating ROI for PNG in a whole scale.

    THANK YOU Mr Rice THANK YOU Paradise Foods Ltd management

  • Great news and well done Governor Allan Bird and CEO James Rice. Incentive is good for local vanilla and oil palm farmers.

  • I cannot see how Paradise can achieve such a treat as there is no PNG buttermilk, cream to make Ice cream, currently they are using reconstituted powder ingredients which in my opinion taste unpleasant and isnt anything like real Ice-cream should taste, do they think by adding PNG Vanilla it will make a difference? Fact is PNG Vanilla is already being exported and is often already in the imported ingredients, so what is all the noise about? Ino niupla smatin..The chocolate too is dusty and dry as they haven’t yet been able to get buttermilk etc to smooth out the Cacao…

  • A very good initiative created..I am a Sepik and I’m proud the name labeled on the product..Thanks thanks wosik olgeta.

  • Thanks Governor for this milestone initiative. You are truly a visionary leader. We must protect and promote local products so that money stays in the country and grow our economy. Well done.

  • Producing locally and marketing internationally will greatly propel Png economy and provide employment for the nationals. Way forward. Thanks to ESP Governor – Allan Bird and Mr Rice for the joint venture agreement….

  • Great initiative Paradise Foods working together with ESP Gov’t in bring about this product and also help local farmers and local businesses/company in ESP.. Looking forward to try the new product..

  • Very good , look at allowing me Sepik buy shareholding into Paradise Foods
    Secondly prices will kill you , that remains your big hurdle
    Thirdly training to process the beans properly . These would be your impediments
    Otherwise well done

  • Great news, great reward and great future for the Sepik Vanilla Farmers and for the national purse.
    Can the company also allow the local farmers purchases the shares with the company and involved them as shareholders to the company?

  • That would be great having our home grown and produce in the chain of ice cream tracibilty.Though the vanilla price is soaring hope the finish product-ice cream might be also import to surpport our gdp.Go Gala Gala Yum!

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