New intakes set for busy AFL season

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The National, Thursday 26 January 2012

THE 2012 intakes at the De La Salle Bomana Academy are in for a big year with some of the players expected to have stints with overseas AFL clubs.
Academy director Moses Kar and some of the AFLPNG staff were busy yesterday renovating the dormitories and playing fields and getting them ready for the school year.
Kar said yesterday they were given an outline of the programmes the players were expected to be involved in as part of their scholarship programme together with their studies.
He also gave an insight into what they would be expecting when they were attached with AFL clubs this year.
“The players will be travelling early next month (Feb 1, Feb 2 and Feb 3).
“A total of 26 players will be the intakes for the 2012 academic year with three of them – Theo Gavuri, Gideon Simon and Brendan Beno – attached with their overseas clubs.”
Gavuri is attached with the Greater Western Sydney Giants, Simon is with the Richmond Tigers and Beno with the Brisbane Lions.
Kar said Jason So-ong would also be heading to Sydney and attached with a first division club under Sydney Swans.
Kar said there were six programmes the new intakes would be involved in with the first one starting in the first term.
“The boys will be doing Grades nine, 10 and 11 so the first week of the first term will be development and they will be expected to behave themselves.
“There will also be fitness training and tests to improve their skills development.
“Walter (Yangomin) will be doing weights with the boys once a day for three weeks,” Kar said.
He said the players would be concentrating on game skills in the other three terms of the school year.
He also gave a run down on field preparations for the junior competition starting next month.
“There field will be irrigated and the power line that runs in the middle of the field will be moved. PNG Power will be assisting us on that.
“The junior competition will have teams from Moresby East, Moresby West, Moresby South and Moresby North,” Kar said.
The 2012 AFLPNG Academy intakes: Jason So-ong (Mt Hagen), Freddy Kalandi (Mt Hagen), Ori Nilmo (Kimbe), Michael Macca (Port Moresby), Francis Junior Giau (Kimbe), Harry Kambuou (Lae), Ezra Gotuno (Mt Hagen), Ezra Kautu (Kimbe), Theo Gavuri (Kimbe), Bruno Arnold (Mt Hagen), Issac Bakani (Kimbe), Albert Gabi (Lae), Eddie Meli (Port Moresby), Jacky Tony (Mt Hagen), Nane Rai (Lae), Mcqueen Malt (Mt Hagen), Kennedy Lavatu (Kimbe), Luke Severe (Port Moresby), Fitzgerald Jee (Kavieng), Ben Tirang (Mt Hagen), Hosea Wartovo (Port Moresby), Eddie Kusup (Port Moresby), Daniel Gitua (Port Moresby), Carter Siwee (Port Moresby), Ben Kias (Mt Hagen) and Daniel Lloyd (Port Moresby).