New Ireland’s ready to issue election writs

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The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013


THE local level government elections in New Ireland have been completed and writs are expected to be returned next week, according to the Electoral Commission provincial manager and returning officer, Alwyn Jimmy.

Jimmy said yesterday his team should return the writs next week after paying stakeholders this week.

He said the team was involved in preparing  the return of writs.

According to a memorandum of agreement signed between the provincial administration and the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission, his office was only responsible for paying  allowances for polling and counting officials. 

It will pay their accommodation expenses as well.

The provincial administration will pay for the hire of vehicles and boats and pay allowances for reserve police officers in the province who were involved in providing security for voting and the counting of votes.

Jimmy said allowances for regular police officers would be taken care of by the constabulary.

He said the election process in the province was generally quiet, peaceful and successful.

Jimmy said with the successful polling period in New Ireland, the province might look into conducting a one-day poll in the future to cut down on costs.

The 10 declared presidents for New Ireland are: Herman Sole for Murat LLG, John Aini for Lavongai LLG, Stanley Mansini for Kavieng Urban LLG, Ken Dart for Tikana LLG, Graham Lali for Sentral Niu Ailand LLG, Michael Singan for Namatanai LLG, James Pandi for Konoagil LLG and Ambrose Silul for Nimamar LLG.

Jimmy said names of the two new presidents for Tanir LLG and Matalai LLG were yet to be confirmed.