New Ireland businessman confident

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013


A SMALL businessman is confident of winning the Central New Ireland local level government president’s position.

June Peter, who was the runner-up in the last LLG election, believes he will go one-step better. 

“I have my campaign strategy in place. The time for change is at hand to elect a young, aggressive sharp-shooter to speak on key issues and not to beat around the bush,” he said.

Peter from Lagisi Village, on the east coast of Mandak, says they have been silent for too long and believes Central New Ireland can only improve if the right people are elected into positions of leadership.

Lagisi village is 25 minutes from Konos Station, the district headquarters of Central New Ireland.

 A vocal community and youth leader, Peter believes that he has the mandate to have his people’s concerns heard. 

 “I know the people are going through hard times because I know the life-style is not conducive for them to advance forward,” Peter said.

“If a small businessman like me struggles, what about the less fortunate? This is what motivates me.”