New Ireland cast votes

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013


POLLING in New Ireland is running smoothly since it started last Saturday, provincial election manager Alwyn Jimmy says.

Jimmy said polling for the local level government and ward councillors started in Kavieng and Namatanai last Saturday.

Polling in the Murat LLG, in Kavieng, and the Tanir LLG, in Namatanai, started on Monday.

He said 182 polling security officers had been dispatched over the weekend to cover 172 polling places in the province.

Jimmy said 44 polling teams were in the province and all seats for LLG presidents and ward councillors had candidates.

“There are no unopposed seats,” he said.

Jimmy said voters in the province had been participating well so far, with good numbers turning up to cast their votes in their respective areas.

He said the polling teams aimed at finishing on time, with all declarations meeting deadlines.

Jmmy said there were 126 candidates contesting for the 10 LLG presidential seats in the two electorates.

There were 866 candidates running for the 138 ward council seats.

He said of the 992 candidates running for seats in the province, 10 females were contesting LLG presidential seats, while 26 females were running for the ward council seats.