New jetty for ENB fishermen

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013


THE National Fisheries Authority (NFA) is building a jetty and ice-making facility at Kurakakaul, Rabaul, East New Britain as part of its  onshore project developments.

Authority managing director Sylvester Pokajam said the facilities would  be used by small fishermen and members of the Rabaul Co-operative Society to hygienically handle and store their catch by buying ice to keep their fish fresh.

Pokajam said once completed, the jetty would be operated by the Rabaul district administration until a local group was engaged to take over the operation.

“The jetty area should cater for tanks to provide fuel and other accessories for small boat operators,” he said.

“There will be construction of a shed to house fishing machines and equipment.”

Pakajam said the operation of the of the facility would  be strictly undertaken as a business operation. 

This will ensure  that the objective of the Rabaul district fishing society is achieved contributing to the development of small scale fishing industry in Rabaul.

He said  people who depended on cocoa have turned to  fishing because of the slump in cocoa production.

“There is no land matter issue as the provincial government (East New Britain) owns the Kurakakaul project area and NFA is funding the project and will see it through to its completion.”

He said feasibility studies had been completed and the project  was awaiting designing.