New K2.7 million generator to power Kikori district


Kikori MP Soroi Eoe said “let there be light”.
And there was light.
After many years of neglect and being in the dark, this forgotten outpost in Gulf will soon be electrified at a cost of K2.7 million – thanks to Eoe and the Kikori district development authority.
Kikori district development purchased three large generators to initiate this life-changing impact project in the district.
Eoe and district chief executive officer Tars Sauka, were present on Friday at the Hastings Deering compound at Hohola to inspect a 110-KVA and two 88-KVA generators, which were purchased at a cost of K2.7 million.
This comes just after the district supplied 39 banana boats and outboard motors, three generators and 50 1000-litre water tanks at a cost of K5 million on Wednesday.
The generators would be installed at three rundown stations in the Kikori, Baimuru and Ihu sub-districts
Eoe and Sauka are now planning the next two phases of the project – delivery and installation of the generators.
The generators are expected to be delivered by this week.
“We are also going through identifying an electrical contractor to do the power installation,” Eoe said.
“This is to stand power poles and do pulling of lines to government stations, health centres, schools, churches and settlements where our people reside so they can receive continuous power supply in all three stations.
“Power means providing access to telecommunication, computers and access to outside world.
“This will enable the district chief executive officers and treasury staff to be based in the district and perform their jobs, which in the meantime, is really in shambles.”