New law looked at to expand rural radio

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The National, Monday 27th May 2013

 A LAW on rural communication will be established under the National Information and Communication Technology Authority Act to expand and improve communication services in rural areas.  

Minister for Communication and Central Bouganville MP Jimmy Miringtoro told Parliament last Friday that the new law would allow all radio service providers to use only one transmitter tower. 

He said there was no law under the NICTA act allowing for a number of communication companies to piggyback on a tower.  

“I am not sure if there is such a law to allow other communication service providers to piggyback on transmitter towers of a company but under the NICTA law there is none,” Miringtoro said. 

“I have talked with NICTA to allow a law for that so any service provider that enters the area first with its tower can allow others to use it.” 

Miringtoro said he had also approached Digicel PNG to use its towers but could not get a suitable response. 

The concern was raised in Parliament by Mendi MP De Kewanu who said the five districts in Southern Highlands were not reached by reliable radio coverage.

He wanted Miringtoro to develop initiatives enable other non-profit organisations such as NBC and Christian stations to piggyback on Digicel’s transmitters.