New-look Hardware Haus

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THE Waigani Hardware Haus branch in Port Moresby undertook a complete makeover in its endeavour to maintain stance as Papua New Guinea’s leading hardware outlet.
Business partners, customers and members of the press joined the branch management and staff on Tuesday night to inaugurate the fresh-look store.
 “This is not only refurbishment and new-look but more of a new beginning,” executive director Rahul Amin said.
The Waigani branch is one of 10 retail outlets nationwide, formerly owned by the Steamships Group of Company  until last November  when City Pharmacy (CPL) Group took over the reins.
Mr Amin planned the change by making it different from its rivals by providing better service and products.
“We want to provide better for our customers, and we now look at sourcing and commercialising good, better and best range of products,” he said.
 “This is our key point of difference,” Mr Amin added.
The branch undertook the makeover for the last 12 months as part of its plans to develop and grow, and also as part of its corporate vision.
 “We have been hard at work developing product and service solutions that will add value to the customers,” Mr Amin said. 
Apart from the new look, the branch will also focus on building a professional workforce via training programmes aimed at developing staff that will trickle down to improved customer service.
 “We want to lift the bar in our industry,” the executive said.
Two long time employees agreed with their executive and were hopeful the new look would achieve desired results. 
“We didn’t see such changes before City Pharmacy Ltd took over but with the new look and staff training plans, we are happy,” he said.
The other said: “With these changes, we will give our best to serve our customer.”