New mammography unit

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 THE Pacific International Hospital has added a new mammography unit that will boost its radiology and diagnosis productivity. 

The hospital announced its new addition as it joined the rest of the country to promote breast cancer awareness last Friday by encouraging everyone to wear pink. 

A mammogram is a special low-dose X-ray examination of the breast.

PIH consultant radiologist Dr Pius Umo said the unit was the most advanced technology integrated with a modern ergonomic design.

“It is an integrated, complete and independent with which the radiologists can obtain high quality images and is patient friendly,” Umo said.

Mammography can detect approximately 85% of breast cancers, if a screening mammography indicates an abnormality, women will most likely be recommended for diagnostic mammography and further breast imaging. 

Mammograms can detect cancer years before a lump can be felt. 

It is important for women at 35 years and older to get a mammogram each year and have current mammograms compared with previous films to determine whether cancer is beginning to grow. 

The PIH will conduct a free breast evaluation programme that will continue until next Friday at the Family Clinic in Vision City Mega mall. 

Women above 30 years are encouraged to make appointments on 310 0485/7100 2873. 

CEO Ramanand Patnaik said they would offer a discount of 40% on patients who schedule their appointment on Saturday.