New market to help villagers promote food, protect women

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A VILLAGE in Rigo, Central, witnessed the opening of their local market last week by Central Governor Robert Agarobe.
The market was built to help people of Babagarubu to promote local food and to save women and girls travelling to the city.
Agarobe was impressed with the way the villagers took on the initiative to build the market and showed their support towards a programme called the Aniani Corporation, a concept in which food is bought from villagers.
“The opening of this market is a way forward for us to bring markets right back to the village, to prevent our mothers from being harassed in the city markets” Agarobe said.
According to Agarobe, the Aniani programme was an arm of the provincial government in line with achieving the governor’s campaign promises to bring market back to the communities.
He said the Babagarubu villagers have displayed that they were able to contribute with resources they have such as vegetables and a large forest to start a timber company which would benefit the people.
“Babagarubu village has shown interest that they can now contribute in terms of resources they have like a variety of vegetables and a forest that we can harvest through a sustainable method and make timber more affordable.”

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