New medical centre a joke

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the government’s plan to build a new mega hospital with state of the art equipment worth K500 million to be known as Pacific Medical Centre.
Why build this hospital now when there is nothing to show after 34 years of Independence?
We should have built many hospitals like the Pacific Medical Centre had the money generated from our natural resources been put to proper use.
Our health services have declined since Independence and the 20 provincial general hospitals including the Port Moresby General Hospital cannot even provide much needed medicare for our people yet it has seen it fit to build a multi-million kina project that will only benefit a few.
I strongly suggest that K500 million be divided evenly and give K25 million to each of the 20 major hospitals to buy new cancer machines, scanners, x-ray machines, new morgue for Daru and the much needed drugs for our aid posts in the rural areas.


Consen man
Port Moresby