New MP gets rousing welcome

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

NEW Independent MP for Mendi open De Kewanu arrived to a rousing welcome by relatives at the Jackson Airport yesterday.
Kewanu, who had fought a tough battle with sitting member and PNG Party strongman Isaac Jacob, shed tears of joy when he hugged his fellow tribesmen and women who turned up in numbers in the city to greet him.
In a brief interview with The National, he said he was undecided which political party he would join but his intentions to join the side that formed the next government was clear.
“I’m here to join with the likely party that will form the next government and serve my people right by providing tangible
developments in the electorate,” he said.
Kewanu said he wanted to see his people served well and not forgotten through delivery of much-needed services such as infrastructure, education, health and that law and order issues were addressed effectively.