New NA leadership long overdue

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I AM not politically affiliated to National Alliance party but I will support it provided there is a new leadership.
I am bitterly disappointed over the procrastination of transition of the NA party leadership.
The national convention at Minj in Western Highlands has been cancelled.
The writing on the wall is very clear and that the party leadership will become a family affair. 
Obviously the prime minister is grooming his son to be the successor and it does not require a genius to work it out.
Let me say that running a country is different from running a family business.
PNG belongs to the six-million plus people, not the Somare family.
We have no place for a family dynasty.
Because of the behind the scene manoeuvring, I have now lost my respect for the prime minister as the founder of this nation.
Sir Michael Somare may be a senior statesman but his grip on power has caused many people, including me, to lose our respect for him.
When we go to the general election next year, the NA party must be headed by a new leader without Somare as surname.
Otherwise, the party is in for a surprise.
The opposition has set the tone by handing the baton to younger leaders.
It is a move in the right direction to bring PNG to the next level.
The time has come for NA caucus to seriously contemplate on the change of leadership.


Nickson Waiyo
Via email