New plane to assist translators

Faith, Normal

A NEW Kodiak aircraft arrived in Papua New Guinea last week to support the work of Wycliffe Bible translators in bringing God’s word to the country’s diverse cultural groups.
According to the Christian Today website, the Kodiak is owned and operated by Wycliffe partner JAARS and is designed to land and take off on short jungle runways.
The plane is also popular with other organisations like Mission Aviation Fellowship because it operates on jet fuel rather than avgas, which is expensive and difficult to obtain.
It will be used to support 185 translation projects ongoing in Papua New Guinea and help Wycliffe reach remote areas.
JAARS president David Reeves said: “With 2,000 translation programmes currently underway worldwide and almost 2,400 languages still needing Bible translations to be started, we looked into the future of aviation for a safe, effective solution to our passengers’ unique transportation requirements.
“The Kodiak is well poised to meet the challenging needs of the translation community in remote operations.”