New PNGDF boss stresses loyalty

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NEWLY-appointed Brig-Gen Francis Agwi says he demands nothing less than a high sense of loyalty and teamwork from his men and women.
“I want more accountability from all levels of command and a high standard of discipline from everyone.
“Corruption,  favouritism, wantokism, regionalism, drunkenness, polygamy and the likes will be dealt with decisively. I will also take a very tough stand on domestic violence which has become prevalent within the Defence Force (PNGDF),” he said.
He also reminded his men and women at a parade that “no one is indispensable and we need to reassert our values” to serve the force.
Brig-Gen Agwi said he was under no illusion as to the enormous task ahead for his office and the force.
 “The changing phase of threats to our security has moved from state against state to organisation against state and even individual against state,” he said at the handover of command at Murray Barracks in Port Moresby on Friday.
Calling on his men and women to work with him to achieve greater things for the force and country, Brig-Gen Agwi said he would also be working closely with and seeking Government guidance through the Defence Minister and continued cooperation from the department secretary.