New police barracks still without electricity


THE new police barracks at Bomana accommodating 150 officers and their families has been without electricity supply since they moved in two years ago.
The officers had moved out of the rundown Gordon Police Barracks in 2016 and moved up to Bomana.
Power aside, some of the houses were yet to be completed when the officers moved in and have remained like that because Red Sea, the building company, left.
Dog Unit director Leith Nidung said the officers were living without power supply since moving in.
“They are not drinking cold water from the fridge or using lamp in the night but making fire, yet they go to work and serve the people,” he said.
Nidung said the officers used their own gas to cook on stoves or firewood to cook outside, store ice in iceboxes or eskies for cold drinks, and batteries or solar power for light.
The houses are without chairs and tables, or beds and mattresses.
Nidung said during rainy seasons like now, the houses had sewerage problems with overflow in toilets.
“It is because the pump system is incomplete, but during the dry season the sanitation system is ok.”
The Red Sea Housing Company PNG Limited is part of a Saudi public joint stock company specialised in building and construction industry.
Since the establishment and engagement at the PNG LNG project to set up modular camps for its workers at the campsite, it is one of the largest and most advanced modular building solution provider.
The Saudi Arabia owned company has footprints in over 65 countries as the leader in off-site modular construction.
Being one of the largest producers of modular building systems and reputable international company, the Bomana project was awarded by the State to the company to accommodate police officers from the condemned Gordon Barracks.

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