New police commander urged to make arrests

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SENIOR Insp Epenes Nili, pictured, is now the new Enga police commander, taking over from another Engan, Supt Joseph Tondop, who moves to Jiwaka as the provincial commander.
Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas announced the appointment of Nili, now acting Supt, during the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Engan government and the University of Goroka for the establishment of the University of Goroka Enga Campus and delivery of a four-year teacher training programme in Wabag.
The degree programme will start next year with about 150 students who will be offered Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and English.
Sir Peter urged Nili to arrest offenders in the province to establish and maintain the rule of law. He said law and order had become a hindrance to progress and he wanted to see the province become a model province on the back of good law and order.
“I want you to do your job as a policeman to protect lives and properties by making arrest of law breakers, the drug abusers, the drunkards, the people carrying bush knives and those who kill others.”
“If you arrest, you will stay as PPC of Enga, if you do not make arrests then I will remove you.
“I want the kaiap and those who fight to stop tribal fights. Take ownership of the developments and protect some of the projects like the College of Nursing.”
“Do not complain that every project is going to Irelya village (Sir Peter’s village).
“I’m taking them there because they will be safe and those projects will serve your children because there is no tribal fights there that will destroy them.”
Sir Peter said he had initiated several major projects such as the Enga Teachers’ College, the Enga College of Nursing, the Hela Open Polytech College, the K600 million Enga Provincial Hospital and the recently-established University of Goroka Enga Campus and did not want the investment to go down the drain.
Nili, who served the police force for 29 years in Enga, said he had been a prosecutor for 18 years and he would first clean up his backyard first and then Wabag town.
“The people of Enga do not fear death but they fear jail so I will instil fear in them with the support of my men and also the help from the general public,” he said.
“I bet on my policemen and women to help clean up Enga.”


  • Please clarify who makes the appointment of Police Officers? Is it not the responsibility of the Police hierarchy and the Police Commissioner?

    Askim tasol long sawe…..

  • Thank you Honourable Sir Peter Ipatas, your plan in modelling Enga, enga is realling getting shape, in order that we have the best, please close all the beer clubs, they are major contributors of deaths & problems in the province. Why are you letting them operate when you know this is the root cause of all ………….

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