New Pomio MP must truly walk his talk

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The National, Friday June 5th, 2015

 IT was distressful to read on your paper about the newly elected member for Pomio boasting of himself as the chosen one and God fearing leader. 

This is unforgivable, to say the least.

He also stated that he will be building a five star hospital at Palmalmal like the Vanimo hospital, which he singlehandedly transformed it into a five star hospital in PNG. 

I want to give him credit for being the CEO and under his auspices such social infrastructure was built for the people of West Sepik.

The other economic infrastructure project is the road linking the provincial capital of Kokopo to Palmalmal, which he said it will be his priority. 

No doubt, the estimated cost of the road and bridges will be in billions for well over eight hundred kilometers long. 

Where is he going to get the funds to construct such vital project?

I wonder if the member will achieve these ambitious projects when he only got two years left in this term of parliament. 

It is easy said than done for the member to be cocky and egotistical.

Let me also remind the member to be sensitive and respectful towards the five local level government presidents because they have been elected by the people just like him. 

Calling for them to report to him is like when he was the CEO instructing his staff to report for duty. 

He forgot that two of those presidents are experienced and holding onto key portfolios in the provincial government let alone one being the deputy governor of the province.

Furthermore, for the member to compare himself to the biblical Joshua is another description of someone who is full of pride with arrogance and big ego. 

If the member is a Christian as he proclaimed himself to be, then I suggest he should humble himself and then God will exalt him with his grace.

Finally, but not the least, the new member should have acknowledged the jailed former member, Paul Tiensten for forcefully vacating the seat through his incarceration that enabled him to also capitalise on his network and eventually winning the seat in the by election.

The test for his character and leadership starts now and the people of Pomio will be watching if the member is really serious to walk the talk and not just another lip service.


Geoff Patoa

Port Moresby

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