New Prime Minister for PNG


PARLIAMENT yesterday voted in Tari Pori MP James Marape as the country’s 8th Prime Minister.
The election of the Prime Minister ends almost a month of political uncertainty as we saw Members of Parliament move around.
One thing for sure, any new beginning brings its share of optimism and expectations of bigger and better things.
From family homes to business houses to the corridors of power.
The change in guard with the country’s political head, has arrived with similar optimism and expectations for greater achievements, success and prosperity.
As in any change, accepting a leadership position is an exciting, but intimidating, time.
And the newly elected Prime Minister James Marape has given hope to this reassuring that everyone can look ahead, as a nation, with confidence.
PNG has been through very tough times, and there are challenges that remain.
There has been progress made, as reported but there is a greater need for more infrastructure development and social services in the districts and local level government areas this time around.
In his words, our country is a country of many opportunities, a country of many blessings, yet the translation of those blessings and opportunities have been systematically impaired for a long time
It is reassuring to know that the new Prime Minister understands and appreciates how tough things have been for families and communities right across Papua New Guinea.
Marape has every reason to be optimistic of success that investors in the global economy have confidence in our country.
He and his team want to build a more prosperous nation in which the benefits of growth and development are more equally shared by all.
And will continue to improve the key policies that directly benefit the people of PNG.
He said members on both side of the house responded to his nomination and that is a testament to views held by
many leaders of our country that there is a need to work in common unity for the good of our country
All leaders, once they get into that leadership role, know that instead of following directions, they would be able to give directions, too – and that’s not always an easy transition to make.
Yes, we know the call is hard, the challenge is big, but nothing is insurmountable as long as the human heart has consistency as to what can be done for the country.
Marape has experience on his side and experience at his back of former Prime Ministers.
For me, it is more about young like-minded leaders.
He hopes to harness from that those experienced he has with me and more importantly mobilise the energy, perseverance, determination and drive the younger leaders have so we can move this country to the next phase that this country deserves.
There’s a significant change in roles and responsibilities.
Success comes not from what you do … but from what you do to grow and develop others.
Parliament’s vote yesterday was too overwhelming for there to be any question that there was a genuine desire by the elected representatives to want a new Prime Minister and one that can be at the helm of government immediately.

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