New protocols unrealistic


THE Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra has instructed all the schools throughout the country to furnish a report on how the Covid-19 protocols are implemented.
Out of the 12,000 schools, only 849 schools submitted their reports.
How about the rest of the schools in the country?
How can the secretary and the Education minister better assess the situation?
Who is on the ground to carry out the assessment? Are they fully resourced?
How do you expect schools in a week or two to have well-furnished reports?
Three-quarters of the schools did not implement the Covid-19 protocols seriously.
There is no proper communication and lack of coordination in the implementation part of the protocols.
Parents were not properly educated to provide assistance in implementing the Covid-19 protocols.
Health workers did not carry out awareness into most parts of the country.
People living in rural communities have no basic knowledge of the Covid-19.
They do not know what to provide for their children.
How to contribute in the report as the good secretary stated in The National on Friday (May 15).
The secretary’s circular instruction: No 4 of 2020, instructions # 6 – instructing all schools to resume teaching and carryout assessment from week seven of term one.
Teachers are not robots.
This has put much pressure and stress on teachers.
Teachers, however, are the government’s most humble servants with very low salaries compared to Philippines and the rest of the world.
Teachers are highly paid in Philippines.
Give teachers what they deserve before changing curriculum after curriculum.
Directing them to implement new protocols, instructing them to recoup the lost weeks is simply ridiculous.
Wake up from your slumber and start getting simple things right.

Mt Hagen

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