New recruits urged to improve service delivery

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PUBLIC servants recruited under the 2008 East New Britain organisational structure are urged to improve the business of service delivery at the lower level.
They were told during the induction training in the past weeks to commit their working responsibilities and roles in serving the public when in office.
These public servants were now based in Rabaul, Gazelle and Kokopo districts.
Deputy provincial administrator of policy planning and evaluation, Bernard Lukara, said everybody, from the highest to the lowest position, must identify their role in the public service.
“We must have a personal goal to achieve within the organisation to attain overall goals of service delivery.
“Without that, all of us will continue to do things for the sake of doing things without purpose,” he said.
Mr Lukara said public servants should come to work in the morning and ask themselves what they would do for the day.
Similiarly, in the afternoon, they should ask themselves what they have done to contribute to service delivery.
Mr Lukara said if public servants started getting used to asking these simple questions, they would find out their actual purposes in the public service.
He also said the provincial budget reviewed in the last quarter indicated certain shortfalls that needed to be address to improve service delivery to the people.
Provincial administrator Akuila Tubal said the top administration level should focus on district administrators and local-level governments managers.
Mr Tubal said a lot of LLG managers were wandering around Kokopo town, wasting their  time at pokies machine outlets.
He reminded public servants that when they applied for a job, they were saying that they were ready to accept  challenges that the business of service delivery would confront them with.
Pomio district, in the meantime, has not conducted the induction trainings for its new officers.