New registrar prioritises operation, NID project


NEW Registrar-General of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry Office Michael Kumung says his immediate task is to establish the status of the organisation and the K230 million national identity project.
Kumung said the office failed to deliver what was required and expected by the government and he wanted to know exactly where the organisations was in terms of achieving the initial objectives and aspirations of the government.
“The government has spent well over K230 million and that’s a massive investment (for the NID project).
“That money should have been invested in other important sectors of the economy but they are putting that money because this project is important,” Kumung said.
“Currently, we do not have statistics for our workforce, how many doctors have we produced, lawyers, accountants, economists, professors, and engineers? How many people in the country have Masters and PhDs?
“How many people are under which category of age groups, what’s our nation’s actual population with how many children, adults and young and old people?
“These vital statistics which the government needs for planning are not available and this NID system will provide that data for evidence-based planning so our mothers do not carry coffee and cocoa or fresh bags of produce long distances to sell while we are enjoying the air condition, playing games and doing nothing in the office.
“So my immediate task now will be to meet with all of you (staff), including the suppliers and contractors, and establish  the weaknesses, what’s the problem and  provide a report in the next three months to the government for deliberation.”
Kumung said he would go through the files of every staff member to assess his or her performance.