New road for electorate

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


MORE than 6,000 people will benefit when two feeder roads in the Ialibu-Pangia electorate of Southern Highlands are repaired and upgraded, Patrick Tombos says.

Governor William Powi gave K200,000 for the work last Thursday.

The two sections of the road are Tindua-Walipape and Yoropini-Kerepa, both in the Pangia LLG, and will benefit up to 8,000 people living there.

Tombos, the Southern Highlands project coordinator, said every feeder road in the province would undergo reconstruction as roads were vital for services and development.

He said under the leadership of Powi, there were some big impact road projects underway and all feeder roads would be upgraded.

East-Pangia local level government president Daniel Piopu said one important aspect about roads in the area was that they promoted agriculture.

“When we have good roads, people will have the desire to be heavily involved in agricultural activities,” he said.

“People know that good roads mean PMVs at their doorstep where they can easily transport their agricultural products.”

Piopu said when there were poor road networks, people remained in their villages and produced garden food for their families only.

Ialibu urban town mayor and chairman of Works Jacob Iki told more than 4,000 people who had gathered there, that the country had a good government and people would experience vast development changes taking place.

He said Powi, within a short period of time, had done much to improve basic services in the province and more would be done in the coming years.

Councillors and village elders from the area asked Powi to help improve the Tindua Health Centre.

However, provincial government officers said they would not say anything until they spoke to Powi about it.