New road helps farmers

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 Coffee and vegetable farmers in rural Kundiawa and Gembogl in Chimbu, are praising the upgrading work on the 10.6km road from Kundiawa to Gewa junction.

Several local farmers along the road said that for the first time they were enjoying trips as there were no rough sections. Previously, they had to change vehicles, an exercise both costly and a waste of time. 

They said the road, widened up to eight metres in width by contractor Shorncliffe, has smoothed out several clogged waterways. 

It was attracting more PMVs, with lower fares being charged.

Some of the happiest road users are the people from Gembogl who are renowned for supplying Kundiawa town with fresh garden produce. 

Dorcas Kaka, a mother from Gembogl, is an onion farmer.

“To transfer our bulb onions from Gembogl to Kundiawa, we faced a lot of problems, mostly the bags were torn from rough rides and many damaged,” she said.

She said a bag of onions cost K100 but they lost out when buyers bargained with them because of damaged onions and torn bags which were frustrating. 

Gembogl farmers grow a variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers.