New roads, bridges to connect people


By Rebecca Kuku
Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, pictured, aims to connect isolated communities in his electorate to the main Hiritano Highway so they can access government services.
Isoaimo, who officially opened a road at the Paitana area of the Kairuku LLG last week, said that he was aiming to build roads and bridges to connect his people to the main road during his term.
“The access road at Paitana will connect six villages from the Kairuku area to the main road so that they can have access to government services,” he said.
“I am now looking at using district service improvemnet programme (DSIP) funds to connect villages from North Mekeo to the highway as well,” he said.
Isoaimo said that during his previous term he concentrated on delivering health and education services but saw that these services would last if there was infrastructure and roads leading into villages.
“That’s why in this term I hope to connect all the villages in my electorate to the main highway so that services will be able to reach the people.”
He also said that building roads and connecting people from the villages to Port Moresby would help to modernise the city.
“We will also be helping to fund people to upgrade their bush houses to modern houses to improve lifestyles and boost people’s morale.
“A road is the access to the government services it ensures that services, like health and education can be accessible to the people right at their door steps.”