New school programme helps with electronic marking


TEACHERS at a primary school in Lae will now do electronic recording and reporting of students’ assessment.
The Buimo Road Primary School in Lae launched its Electronic Assessment Reporting System on Thursday.
Head teacher Katherine Tobem said the new system would greatly help teachers because of the large number of students.
“The software is a like a database system. We enter student marks and it calculates and gives us the precise marks,” she said.
“This will greatly benefit teachers and it will save a lot of time and effort in preparing students assessment records.
“The software application was specifically designed by Quins Consultancy to help teachers in the area of assessment.”
Representative of Quins Consultancy Abaijah Matengim said the software application was called the Electronic Schools Assessment and Record (Eser).
“We collected views from teachers here in 2014 who said they struggled in entering the raw marks of students,” she said.
“We also collected views from parents that students records were always given late. So we decided to help them. The software is the brainchild of the teachers. They needed a solution to their problems.”
She said Huonville Primary School was the first to use the software.
Deputy head teacher Roen Iskia said the school had 1317 students and only 34 staff.
“The software will greatly help us given our current teacher-student ratio,” she said.

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