New school to use digital tech in teaching students

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

AN educator has started a new school in Port Moresby that will be using digital technology to educate students, as well as preparing them for life and tertiary studies.
Technology Life Skills Institute (TLSI) director Michael John Uglo (pictured) said the school was taking in students at the elementary, primary as well as secondary levels who could not find places in schools in the capital city.
Uglo said the school, which is at Five Mile Ridge, was working towards using online resources in offering subjects and tutoring students.
The school is charging students K50 per month but is lenient as parents of most students do not having stable incomes.
Uglo is asking for possible help from government departments, agencies, companies and non-governmental organisations to get the school up and running.
“We need funds to install computers and a server, pay our instructors allowances and take care of daily operations. We need to help the students with their learning,” he said.
He said TLSI was helping the country in solving the problem of overcrowding in classrooms that the Government’s tuition fee-free policy was causing.
“We have a literacy problem in PNG. About 40-60 per cent of our people being literate does not account for quality. Offering education opportunities to everyone is vital,” Uglo said.
“TFF is good in principle, however, the problems of overcrowding and the lack of sufficient resources are affecting the quality of learning taking place in the classroom.
“TLSI provides world class information available online versus lack of textbooks in schools.”
He said TLSI was a different type of school in that much of the contact between the learners and instructors, some of whom are university lecturers, would be online.