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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 THE Internal Revenue Commission is modernising its tax administration system to maximise its revenue collection and serve taxpayers effectively.

Commissioner General Betty Palaso said the commission could now accept tax payments electronically. 

Palaso encouraged taxpayers to immediately use this new facility.

She said it would expedite the payment of all tax revenues to the IRC and reduce compliance costs for taxpayers. 

“For many taxpayers, the need to wait in line to pay your tax at the local IRC office should now be a thing of the past,” she said.

“And taxpayers will have confidence that their payment has gone straight to the IRC.  The IRC is working to make new payment methods available in the coming months, including by EFTPOS using credit and debit cards.”

These initiatives are part of the IRC’s modernisation programme, which includes implementing a new computerised administration system. That will mean that the IRC can secure payments faster, improve compliance and address issues of non-registration and non-lodgement of tax returns and stationery. 

“The new system can automatically impose penalties for late lodgements. Therefore, if a taxpayer is yet to register with the IRC and/or has outstanding lodgements, then it is important that they act now to get their affairs up to date with the IRC to minimise the level of automatic penalties that might be imposed.”

Enquiries about outstanding tax debts should be directed to phone 3226635, 3226683 or 3226583.

Any enquiries about the new electronic payment and automated tax system can be made through [email protected]