New system to monitor terminals


NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society (NCSL) had installed a new system to monitor its point of sale (POS) terminals throughout the country, chief executive officer Vari Lahui says.
He said the system would closely monitor all terminals and indicate any terminal that was not working, allowing the NCSL e-banking staff to promptly attend to them.
“With such introduction in technology, we will be able to efficiently manage our fleet of terminals and ensure minimal downtime of any of our terminals.”
Lahui said previously NCSL’s e-banking officers were always on the road and physically checking to make sure that the terminals were working properly which would now be a thing of the past.
In addition, Lahui said the installation of the monitoring system was part of NCSL’s drive to be the best e-bank in the country.
“We have set out to be the best electronic bank in the country.
“With our continuous review of our systems and procedures, we are striving to provide the best service to our members.
“We continue to embrace technology to have the right platform in place for greater efficiency,” he said.

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