New system to reduce corruption, officer says

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


PROBLEMS with salary and allowance faced by teachers in Chimbu can now be quickly resolved following the launching of the Alesco payroll system in Kundiawa town, an officer says.

Deputy provincial administrator corporate services, Otto Sine, and education principal adviser Essy Walkaima launched the new payroll system yesterday.

“I call on officers to be honest and be transparent because this is the system that will eliminate corruption and promote good governance in the payroll system,” Walkaima said.

“Those teachers absent from schools for other reasons will have their pay docked and be disciplined accordingly,” he said.

Sine commended staff from the education headquarters and Walkaima and his staff  for finally launching the new payroll system.

“Any good programme initiative for education in Chimbu is always our priority because we invest heavily in education to develop our human resource,” he said.

Education Department first assistant-secretary corporate services Etwin Apai thanked AusAID for financially supporting the Alesco payroll system.

Chimbu is the 11th province to get the Alesco payroll system.