New teachers warned to expect tough times in their profession

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Report and picture By YVONNE HAIP

GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias Matane has challenged graduating teachers to tackle remote schools and make an impact in the lives of the future generation living there.
Sir Paulias issued the challenge at the graduation of 35 new teachers at the Melanesian Nazarene Teachers College at Kindeng, Western Highlands province, yesterday.
 He called on them to reach out to the younger generations in the more remote areas and change their lives.
“You are part of a profession who has the power to empower children in the remote settings, who would in turn change the outlook of this nation,” he told the graduating primary school teacher-pastors.
“You are privileged to attend such training institution where people are trained to become pastors and teachers at the same time.”
Sir Paulias, a former primary school teacher, challenged the graduates to take up any challenges in their budding career.
“Take this bold step forward because you are the ones who will be educating our future doctors, pilots, lawyers and so forth,” he said.
Sir Paulias urged them “to hang in there” even though conditions would be tough because “you are a special group of students”.
The college is the first teachers training institution to be set up after independence in 1975.