New UPNG chancellor wants to ‘give back to my country’


By Rebecca Kuku
UNIVERSITY of PNG Chancellor Jeffery Dean Kennedy says he accepted the position this week after being approached because “I want to give back to my country”.
The former UPNG student was responding to people questioning his appointment by Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi on Monday.
“There’s so much rumour and allegations being thrown here and there. None is true,” he said.
“I won’t be getting paid, nor even receive an allowance. I am here simply because I want to
help rebuild the university’s integrity.
“When the minister, who knows my work, called and asked me to take up the position, I agreed simply because I want to give back to my country.
“My father is a naturalised Papua New Guinean, my mother is from Enga, and I grew up in Mt Hagen. I graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea. As a former student of the university, I accepted the appointment simply to bring change and improve the standards.”
A lawyer by profession, he is a major shareholder in the Kennedy Estate. He owns and manages Century 21 Real Estate.
“This appointment is not a business deal. I’m here to manage the university and turn it around. I’m here to help rebuild the university and clean up whatever mess was left behind.
“Another reason I took up the appointment was because I heard about the university telling students to pay K15,000 before enrolling, which just wasn’t right. They were not forewarned so that they could raise the funds. They were told just when they were about to enroll that they had to pay K15,000.”

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  • UNIVERSITY of PNG Chancellor Jeffery Dean Kennedy, I salute you!
    Please remove those corrupt UPNG administration fraud evil doers

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