New vehicle for police

National, Normal

The National, Monday March 3rd, 2014

 POLICE in East New Britain received a new vehicle for its prosecution department in Kokopo last Thursday.

The truck was bought from Provincial Services Improvement Programme funds.

Baining local level government president Bernard Kulap delivered the vehicle on behalf of regional MP, Leo Dion.

Kulap said law and order remained a huge challenge in outstations such as Baining, Pomio district, and in most rural areas in the province.

“Take policing out to those rural areas, we need to equip police so they can carry out their duties,” he said.

Project coordinator Albert Buanga said this was the second vehicle given to police from the programme.

Buanga said law and order was among the government’s  priorities apart from education, health, infrastructure and the economy.

He said that was why Dion was committed to ensuring those areas received priority funding to provide services to the people at the ward level.

Thanking Dion for recognising the loopholes in the legal bodies in the province, provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie said the vehicle would help the prosecution department.