New water project for Tubusereia

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The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010


MORE than 15,000 villagers from Tubusereia village in the Kairuku-Hiri district of Central have undertaken a community initiative to have a sustainable water supply project flow to their villages.

The water project, which was endorsed by local MP Paru Aihi and worth K379,928, will see the entire village have access to clean water.

Aihi, while endorsing the project with a counterpart funding of 15% requirement (K56,989), said the proposed water project was in line with his district development plans and specifically his district water supply improvement programme.

Project manager Simon Eka said the community had documented all the necessary requirements and now awaiting funding from the European Union (EU) for the initial 85% of the total cost.

Eka said the project proposal was submitted early this year when EU called for project proposal for community development project.

He said current water supply project which was built in 1990s was insufficient for community. 

The project then was initially built for less than 1,000 population.

He said the pump had broken down as well as the pipes causing water problem in the communities.

He said another factor was due to increased population that was putting huge strain on the low water supply.

“I couldn’t wait for miracle to happen and when the opportunity knocked, I responded quickly to get the necessary proposal done and submitted to EU.

“Though, the proposal may not be perfect, but the core intention is genuine for a genuine water supply.

“At the moment, villagers have to walk up the Magi Highway to fetch water from Mahulogo Creek some 20km from Tubusereia,” he said.