New way to spread the Good News

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

THE Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, is inviting professionals to outreaches, and sharing
testimonies to uplift one’s Christian faith
or attract people to Christ.
Fellowship coordinator Johnson Kalu said the mission was to create a forum for Christians from different churches to meet and fellowship in love and unity.
“This way it raises an army of Christians who have a common goal and commitment to Biblical righteousness and the Biblical commission of reproducing after our kind,” Kalu said.
“Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International is a non-denominational fellowship of believing Christians in business and professions.”
He said they believed a doctor would be in a better position to speak to another doctor about the Gospel as would one accountant to another and so on.
“There was anguish and pain in the face of men.
“But if anyone knew and believed in Jesus Christ, there would be love, joy and peace,” Kalu said.
“We have discovered that God loves us as much as Good loves Jesus,” he said.
“There are no impossibilities.”
He said the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International was not a church group but a group where professionals gathered to share God’s word during meetings and returned to their churches to worship.