New way to study

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013


THE Think Tank Quiz E-learning project has an alternative education objective, quiz director John Kama says.

“Our goal is to make learning fun, exciting and relevant to the technological generation of students we have in our schools today,” Kama said. 

“Education systems around the world have progressed into the digital age and we should not be left behind.”

He said as part of the Mt Diamond Adventist Secondary School online examination project, the E-learning component would see the school accessing online learning resources around the world to supplement its curriculum. 

“Though the students are in PNG, it will not stop them from accessing online resources such as E-libraries; E-encyclopaedia, E-schools and other learning resources online. They are more than internet search engines,” he said.

“The difference between Googling and being a registered subscriber is that the former is a browser while the latter is an intentional learner accessing specific content.” 

Kama said students at Mt Diamond would not only have access to information but even interact with online tutors who may help them with their work.

“They can interact online with opportunities to ask specific questions and get answers.” 

“This will not make the work of teachers redundant but enhance it,” he said.

“In the philosophy of education, every person is a learner and no one stops learning until one dies. Hence, with such resources it would benefit both teachers and students.