New year quiet in nation’s capital

National, Normal

The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


A VERY successful police operation has led to a generally trouble-free New Year celebration in the National Capital District and part of Central, despite few stone throwing and scuffles by drunks at public places.

NCD chief of operations Supt Jim Namora, who led his men and women for the special operations, thanked city residents for celebrating Christmas and the New Year peacefully.

This reporter, who accompanied the Namora in the operations, also witnessed families spending the New Year in the homes while a handful of party goers and drunkards were found walking in the city but causing no major incidents.

The National witnessed that the early hours of the night was very quiet but going towards midnight, the residencial areas and streets came alive as drunkards started to make noises.

Namora said several liquor outlets trading within the New Year period were raided by police.

He said at one location, more than 25 cartons of alcohol were confiscated while another ten cartons of beer were confiscated and locked at the Boroko police station, awaiting the owners to bring their trading licences to claim them. 

Namora said a road block was set next to Kaugere field and few vehicles had their glasses smashed by youths under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

He said that police managed to clear the road block set up by the drunkard youths from Kerema but no arrest was made.

The National also witnessed the undisciplined bunch of drunkard youths provoking the police when they were clearing the roadblock and it was indeed a bad practice for youths to display such behaviour before law enforcing agencies that wanted to make city communities safe.

Namora said police setup roadblocks at different locations around the city but did not report any major accidents.

He acknowledged the support given by the Salvation Army and Crowne Plaza in providing hot coffee and other light food for the police officers during the operations.

He said that community support given to the police was essential to make the city a peaceful place to live in and urge others to support police work by providing information of any crimes.