New Zealander admits overstaying in country

The National,Thursday June 23rd, 2016

A lawyer representing a foreigner who has admitted to be in the country illegally made a submission for a probation report in the Boroko District Court yesterday.
Dennis John Mackay, 65, is alleged to have breached the validity of his visa by overstaying in the country.
Magistrate Alex Kalandi told the lawyer that he would need Mackay’s personal details to make a decision.
After Mackay pleaded guilty to the charge, his lawyer asked the court to allow him to pay a fine and not to imprison him.
The lawyer said his client was too old to be in jail and wanted to return to New Zealand.
Mackay and his lawyer will return to court today to submit his personal details for the court to make a decision.
According to a police report, Mackay entered the country on a tourist visa between June 1 and Nov 18 last year before going to Lae.
It is alleged that Mackay was engaged in gold-buying activities in Lae and did not return home as required by the visa he obtained when he entered the country.
According to the Migration Act, a foreigner on a tourist visa is allowed to stay in the country for only 60 days.
Mackay was arrested and charged on June 1 this year on charges of remaining in the country without a valid visa, violating his visa obligation and making a false statement in relation to his visa status.
Under the Migration Act, the charges carry a fine of K5000 each or six months imprisonment.