Newcastle disease under control

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013


THE Newcastle disease outbreak in West Sepik which started in April has been brought under control, a r National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA) spokesman said yesterday in Port Moresby.

NAQIA Chief veterinarian Dr Nime Kapo said quarantine exercises had focused on surveillance since the disease broke out in Wutung villages in April. 

“NAQIA is conducting intensive awareness and destroying domesticated birds such as chickens, cassowaries and ducks in affected villages in Wutung. “ 

He said airports, seaports and roads were also being monitored in the bid to eradicate the disease. 

“The situation on the ground is contained. There has been no serious impact on humans as it is a bird disease and cannot pass onto humans. We are doing awareness and surveillance on any possible links,” he said. 

The culling of domesticated birds began two weeks ago.

Kapo said replacement birds would be monitored to see if the disease had been fully exterminated.