Newly-ordained pastor faces challenge of winning souls


THE greatest challenge for any pastor is winning souls for the Kingdom.
When you find yourself called to pastoral work in two ward councils that already have 17 other Sunday churches and you are the only Seventh-day Adventist church with only 27 members, what do you do?
This was the dilemma facing recently ordained, Rocky Miamel, of Bolen village in Tabare local level government, Sinasina, Chimbu.
Miamel, in his 50s, said while he faced physical challenges in reaching the people of his district given the mountainous geography it was the spiritual challenge of connecting with people that was crucial.
“The challenges that we layman, missionaries, volunteers and the clergy face are always the geography of anyone place in Papua New Guinea. But we’ve become used to the geographically rough terrain. That’s physical. The spiritual is the one that is an ongoing battle.
“I am now based in Omkolai, Gumine, and you can imagine. The majority of Chimbu’s are Catholics and most recently, other revival churches have penetrated. It’s like a David and Goliath story.”
Miamel said with the right attitude people could be converted having 24 years of missionary and secular work under his belt.
Miamel has held church positions such as Karimui director, divisions pastor for secondary schools with the Chimbu SDA mission.
He was also chaplain for Muaina (Sinasina), Kerowagi and Omkolai (Gumine) secondary schools.
He has held various positions within the church, district and mission hierarchy, covering almost a quarter of a century before being ordained a pastor last week.
Miamel, who was part of a group of 21 pastors from Eastern Highlands and Chimbu ordained, said he was proud to be finally recognised by the church and honoured to be able to perform various religious rites and ceremonies.
Goroka director Ps Solomon Sanu told the newly-ordained pastors to dedicate themselves to their vocation and not underestimate the power of faith in carrying out their duties.
“Do not be afraid to perform exorcisms, do not be afraid to heal the blind and lame; take the life of Paul in the Acts of Apostles and see the works he did. He was never afraid to speak. Do not fear speaking boldly,” Sanu said.

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