Newspapers must get their facts right

Letters, Normal

ONE of the roles of the media is to educate the masses.
I refer to Monday’s coverage of the road accident along the Poreporena Freeway by both our dailies.
Firstly, as a sign of respect the Post-Courier should not have described the two young men who died as “the duo”.
It is unbecoming of the Post-Courier to say “the duo”.
This is not Australia.
It should has been more sensitive.
The Post-Courier also quoted an eyewitness (a National Road Safety Council officer) and in the report said “he alleged …”
If the officer was an eyewitness, then why use allege?
If the witness saw it firsthand and was describing the event, he did not allege, he or she was stating the facts as it happened.
Where did these two journalists go for training?
Sub-editors must also take the blame.
The National’s secondary story on the tragedy described the truck as a semi-trailer.
Obviously from the picture, the truck is not a semi-trailer.
I believe it is an earth mover or a tipper truck. And its trailer is known as a dog trailer.
Remember your role is to educate. Now you will have most people, the gullible ones saying that the earth mover is a semi-trailer.
Semi-trailer’s loads are 40ft or 20ft containers, they do not ferry gravel or sand.
Media, you are an educator – be accurate and do not mislead your readers.
Many primary and high school students read your newspapers.
I would not want my primary school student son to see a picture of an earth moving truck/tipper in his examination and circle semi-trailer in the multiple choice.
He reads the paper daily, but I will correct him.


John Lomew