NFA has failed to enforce ban

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THIS is an open letter to the director of National Fisheries Authority (NFA) on behalf of the community of Moukele United church, Port Moresby west circuit.
Fisherman islanders un­derstand that the ban on sea cucumber collection, harvesting and selling is still on for very good reasons.
Unfortunately, almost everyday some of our Motu-Koita friends openly collect sea cucumber in and our around the reefs of Fisherman Island.
Additionally, the processing of the product, including cooking and drying, are done openly in their respective villages.
We have brought this matter to the attention of NFA officers and relayed our concerns through the local papers, for example, The National (Feb 1).
Subsequently, an awareness programme was conducted on the island.
NFA officers were asked to do the same in the Motu-Koita villages but we be­lieved this was not done.
Sir, the NFA morato­rium on the ban of harvesting and selling sea cucumbers is not working as the number of people collecting the product is rising.
Sadly, some of our own islanders are joining their Motu-Koita friends in harvesting sea cucumbers because there are no officers to ensure the ban is enforced.
Although our own so-called “community by law” discourages the ma­jority of our villagers, it is very difficult to contain those who are not law abi­ding majority.
So what can be done here?
Perhaps the NFA would consider the lifting the ban as it is being effectively monitored or enforced.


Moukele United church
Port Moresby