NFA, Korean agency partner for fisheries development


THE National Fisheries Authority (NFA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea fisheries infrastructure public agency to develop fishery-related port facilities in the country.
The documents, signed on Friday, lay the framework and process of exchanging experiences, technical assistance and human resources, according to National Fisheries Authority managing director John Kasu.
The National Executive Council (NEC) has also approved the National Fisheries Authority strategic plan for the next 10 years which infrastructure being a key result area.
“We have been working on infrastructure programmes,” Kasu said.
“The cost of doing business in PNG is quite high.
“We are trying to build appropriate infrastructure in PNG to address the fisheries sector development.
“One of the biggest areas is the development of ports.
“We have approved the Wagan fisheries wharf in Lae.
“We’ve got other port developments coming up in Rabaul.”
He said the Pacific marine industrial zone one in Madang was another one.
South Korean Ambassador to PNG Kim-Gu Kang said: “We have been friends for the last 45 years,operating a lot in many areas including fisheries.
“But, still, the depth and scope of our cooperation hasn’t match the aspiration from the people of the two countries and we still have a lot of room to improve and be materialised.”