Ngangan: Claims are being processed

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FINANCE Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, pictured, says outstanding claims including allowances are being processed for all officers who took part in Apec security operations.
“This morning (yesterday) after the Joint Security Task Force personnel had demanded their superiors of their allowances be paid immediately, I had a meeting with the Police Minister Jelta Wong
and the ACP Operations David Manning assuring them that all allowances will be paid,” he said.
“Apec has just concluded and we are about to sort out outstanding claims including allowances.”
He said the warrants for allowances had been released and the Budget Management Team which decided on weekly cash flow resolved to sort out half of the total allowance this week and half next week.
“We have now processed K10.8 million being half of the total allowances payable and are awaiting payment into the officers’ bank accounts,” he said.
“BSP is now waiting for Joint Security Task Force operations to provide a list of bank accounts details for funds to be paid direct into their bank accounts.
“The other K10.8 million will be paid early next week.
“All outstanding service providers for Apec will also be sorted.”
He called for patience “as Apec had just concluded”.
More than 300 police and Correctional Service officers who were part of the Joint Security Task Force marched into Parliament precincts just after noon yesterday and damaged property including ATMs, furniture and computers.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill described the incident as “unfortunate”, adding that the officers would be paid.