NGCB donates vehicles to Lands Commission

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Wednesday, 12th September 2012

THE National Lands Commission can now carry out its work more effectively after being given two new vehicles by the National Gaming Control Board yesterday.
Lands Commission deputy chief commissioner Luke Kwago said transportation had been a setback for the office for the past few years but the inclusion of the two new 10-seater Land Cruisers would make their work a lot easier.
“These vehicles will be very resourceful in making our jobs easier, especially in the National Capital District and Central that can be accessed by land transport,” Kwago said.
Department of Justice and Attorney-General policy planning and monitoring executive manager Herman Buago thanked the board and reminded commission officers to take good care of the vehicles as they were valuable assets.
“These vehicles will help you in the long run in the services you provide in this office only if you look after them well,” he said.
“So I urge you all to use the vehicles well so you can get the benefits out of it.”
Board chairman Qwentan Chollai said it was pleased to help so the department could continue its good