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THE National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has set up a community consultation taskforce to handle important perspectives on gaming and to put in place action plans for positive social outcomes.
NGCB chief executive officer Imelda Agon said gaming provided an enjoyable pastime for many people and funded important community projects, but for some people, gaming could lead to social problems.
“The taskforce will meet to identify ways in which the gaming sector must allocate resources to assist with projects that strengthen social cohesion nationwide,” she said.
“We have invited churches to be represented together with other key stakeholders.
“Our churches are committed to ensuring that the welfare of our people is their first priority when it comes to gambling.
“The NGCB expresses gratitude to the Council of Churches for meeting with our team to share their concerns in relation to social impact issues and future plans for the gaming sector.
“Churches are a key partner for the Government in so many areas of community development, including education, health care and overcoming poverty, particularly in remote and rural communities.
“There have been some unfortunate comments in the media and I apologise for those misrepresentations.
“To be very clear, the church partnership is directly with the Government towards the churches’ participation in education, health, sports, agriculture and the small to medium sectors respectively, to name a few.
“When the NGCB is called upon, we step in and work with local leaders who explore funding opportunities for churches.
“Through these grassroots projects, we are touching many lives and making a difference for our people in Papua New Guinea.
Agon said the taskforce would seek key stakeholders’ advice and recommendations on NGCB community projects, including the expansion of the gaming industry in PNG.

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  • Ms. Imelda Agon is an action and positive performance oriented leader and CEO, I am sure the Community Consultation Task Force will be a good pathway to understand the different perspectives shared by the society about gaming. We have closely worked with NGCB when I was leading the HR training and capacity building team of IBS CDC and we acknowledge the commitment they (NGCB) have for supporting the various community development programs in education, health care, sports, infrastructure etc., throughout the country. Their responsible gaming awareness initiative is also one of the best ways they have educated those who are involved in gaming recreation. We wish the licensed operators work according to the guidelines set by NGCB and make sure people are safe and do not get into addictive behaviours while engaging in such recreation.

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