NGI NA execs will resolve row: Abal

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THE people of Enga are urged not to be shaken by the recent in-fighting among the National Alliance party members and executives in the New Guinea Island region.
Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Abal told a big crowd last Friday in Birip Primary School that such internal matters needed to be addressed within the party and would not affect the party as a whole.
“Party members and executives in the New Guinea Island will come together to resolve in-house matters peacefully and amicably.
“I want to clear the doubts in the minds of the NA supporters in the province who have elected four NA members into Parliament out of the six seats in the province in the last national general election,” Mr Abal said.
He told the people the NA under the leadership of Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare had delivered many tangible developments in the country.
“Unlike in the past, every district is now given about K17 million annually to deliver goods and services to the people,” he said.
Mr Abal told the people the multi-billion-kina liquefied natural gas (LNG) project was another tangible project that came about because of the good leadership and stable government.
“The people should not worry about internal party problems.
“The NA is still intact and will continue to be in the Government after the 2012 national election,” he said.
“The development and delivery track record of the NA party under the leadership of Grand Chief Somare speaks for itself.
“The NA is committed to ensure that goods and services reach the bulk of the people in the districts,” Mr Abal said.
“We are doing this by pumping more money into every district.
“In a year, a MP has about K17 million to deliver services to the people.”