NGI police chief wants houses for recruits

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 Assistant Police Commissioner  for New Guinea Islands Chief Supt Anton Billie has called for more houses to accommodate new police recruits in the province and the NGI region.

“In line with the National Government’s 2050 Vision to increase police manpower to 8,000 by the year 2040, there are more graduates from the Bomana Police College, but the major problem my provincial police commander and I faced is providing appropriate accommodation to cater for recruited personnel,” Billie said.

He said the six police houses at Bitapaka were in dire need of repair and needed to be maintained in order for more officers to be transferred to the Bitapaka LLG.

Meanwhile, he welcomed commitments from the provincial government to enhance policing in the province.

“The assistance will be aiding the Royal PNG Constabulary’s regional divisional modernisation programme soon to be launched,” he said.

“Modernisation is not a new concept but is about changing to move forward in line with other organisations, by going back to the basics.”

He said this began with the Police Department, especially with dressing up professionally with a professional approach at the duty counter, investigations, traffic duty and presentation in court. 

He said all these had to start with this disciplinary force before they could change the people. 

Billie thanked the provincial government and administration for the support in terms of vehicles.