NGO calls for safe, peaceful elections

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 A LOCAL non-governmental organisation in Chimbu has appealed to candidates of the president and council seats in the three local level governments of Gumine to promote safe and peaceful voting and counting for the duration of these elections. 

Bomai People Rights Group chairman Robert Muru Kama yesterday said more than 300 people were contesting the Digine, Kumai-Bomai and Gumine LLG seats.

“Our NGO has been in the district carrying out awareness on social, political, law and order, economic, youths and women issues relating to the welfare of the people of Gumine.

“The new system where LLG presidents and councillors will be voted into office by the people will allow the people to fully exercise their democratic powers,” Kama said.

However, he said people in Gumine and parts of Chimbu were falling back on the 2012 general elections’ mentality of expecting cash and material handouts before casting their votes.

“In the highlands, setting up campaign houses, killing pigs, holding feasts and other attractions are an expensive exercise.

“And when candidates lose, they resort to tribal fights,” he said.

“I, as a candidate who contested and came fourth twice in the Gumine seat race, know this mentality continues.”